Pre-Loved Unisex Vivienne Westwood Vest Top



Elevate your sustainable wardrobe with the iconic style of Vivienne Westwood. This pre-loved unisex vest top, crafted from 100% cotton, embodies the unique blend of rebellious elegance and timeless design that Vivienne Westwood is renowned for. Available in size L, this top is in good condition and ready to add a touch of avant-garde fashion to your collection.

Key Features:

Premium Cotton Fabric: Made from 100% high-quality cotton, this vest top offers a soft, breathable feel, perfect for all-day comfort.

Iconic Vivienne Westwood Design: The unique design elements reflect the bold and innovative style that defines Vivienne Westwood, making this top a standout piece.

Unisex Fit: Designed to be worn by anyone, this vest top in size L offers a relaxed and versatile fit, suitable for various body types.

Good Condition: Although pre-loved, this top has been well-maintained, ensuring it remains in good condition and ready for new adventures.

Opting for this pre-loved vest top supports sustainable fashion practices, allowing you to enjoy designer luxury while making an eco-friendly choice.

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